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Socially Smitten has been a wonderful partner for CFMOTO USA. Not only have they hit our annual goal of increasing the likes on our FB channel for growth of 700% mid-year already, but they are extremely professional, efficient, creative and a joy to work with. I highly recommend using Socially Smitten for any social media endeavor. They have also been very instrumental in getting the word out and supporting our various events, whether that be a riding event or a website launch. Socially Smitten rides ORVs with us to understand our customers better and they are a valued extension of our internal marketing team. They literally go the extra distance for us!


Socially Smitten is an excellent company to work with. They know their space and have terrific copywriters.


Siena Farm has developed a wonderful relationship with key members of the staff at Socially Smitten. Our business in part is horse racing, and we work odd hours at times for feature races. The SS staff has been so accommodating to help with posting results on a timely basis. We rely on their expertise to guide us in the right direction for fan development, and we give the credit to SS for our success in continuing to reach our goals on Facebook and Twitter. We appreciate the organization skills of SS, working in advance the majority of the time via the monthly calendar, but also available to work in real time. The staff is open to our ideas and also has great input for our pages. Highly professional company, and we would recommend SS to other businesses.

Julia Rice, Siena Farm

Props to our social agency for spitting this out at 3pm on a Friday afternoon! Well done guys.


Really appreciate all your hard work above and beyond the call of duty for the last few weeks.


The Socially Smitten team is nimble, efficient and smart. As an entertainment marketing client it was reassuring to know that I had a dedicated account executive there to help problem solve, develop strategy, and guide us through the ever changing world of social media. This full service team covered a variety of our needs including social posts, video editing, newsletter design, and customer service. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to ramp up their social media savviness in order to reach their business goals.

Nicole Hall, Executive Marketing Director

Posts are really well crafted.


Awesome work. A true social media expert!!!

A Happy Customer,